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The Quartzlock A6000-E1 is a 1U rack mount, frequency converter for use with frequency standards such as rubidium, cesium, or hydrogen maser standards. Sine wave outputs are provided at frequencies of 2,048 kHz.

The primary input is a sine wave at 10MHz from the frequency standard. This should be at a level between +5 dBm and +15 dBm. The input impedance of the model A6000-E1 is 50W.

The 2,048 kHz outputs are obtained from 3 channels of a 4-way distribution amplifier. The output levels will follow the input levels, as the distribution amplifier is a wide band linear amplifier.

Standard Specification:
Output Frequency 2.048MHz
Number of Outputs 1

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    1U rack mount, 10 MHz input, 2048kHz output


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