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The A1000A is based on the E10-LNA Very Low Noise Rubidium Oscillator Module which is a sub miniature atomic clock with Quartzlock’s ‘active noise filter’ technology built in. This rubidium oscillator has 100 x less drift than OCXO’s. With short term stability of 0.002ppb/s @ 100s this rubidium oscillator provides significant improvements in performance over other rubidium components.


  • Ultra high performance reference
  • Multiple output options
  • Noise floor -157dBc/Hz


  • Stability to 0.002ppb
  • Ultra low jitter
  • 100 x less drift than OCXOs


  • High performance audio systems
  • Compatible with any system that excepts an external 10MHz input
  • High stability low phase noise and low jitter systems
  • Compatible with Antelope™ and dCS™ systems




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