Quartzlock Products

Frequency Reference

Quartzlock time and frequency standards offer a complete range of cost effective and low noise in both atomic controlled (rubidium oscillator) and GPS controlled (off-air) time and frequency reference, calibrators and standards. These acurate time and frequency references are used in telecoms, aviation, nautical and precision test and measurement enviroments.

Time and Frequency Standards are precision references against which the “device under test” may be calibrated. These are used by Laboratories, Calibration houses and similar environments from National Measurement Institute (NMI) to Industrial facilities that support production test and quality control.

Calibrators may also be Standards, but also include portable references of high performance and known uncertainty that can be used both in a fixed, field or mobile application.

Time and Frequency References are mainly used for synchronizing wired and wireless telecom infrastructure, BTS and systems. Quartzlock provide the dedicated output frequencies that these applications require.

Frequency References are also used to externally fix the frequency or timing of other instruments or systems that have an external reference input. i.e. Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscopes, FFT Analyzers, Signal Generators, Counters and Timers, Microwave Analyzers.

Quartzlock specialize in both “off air”, (GPS) and atomic line resonance locked “atomic clocks” time and frequency references and has a wide range of instruments and OEM rubidium oscillators.

  • Rubidium Instruments
  • Precise, low noise references using the inherent stability of the rubidium atom deliver value to the customer.
  • GPS Instruments
  • A range of GPS time and frequency standards