Quartzlock Products

Rubidium Oscillators
Our range of precise low noise rubidium oscillators in a variety of sizes to suit all appliations.

These acurate frequency references are used in telecoms, aviation, nautical and precision test and measurement enviroments.

For a technical discussion of rubidium oscillators go here or select a product range below.

  • E10-MRO
  • OEM rubidium oscillator providing a high stability precise frequency reference.

  • E10-GPS
  • miniature, OEM, traceable, calibration-free, GPS disciplined frequency reference

  • E10-MRX
  • OEM Sub-Miniature rubidium oscillator for use with time, frequency and synchronisation

  • E10-LN
  • OEM, low cost, low power, RS232 diagnostics, control and calibration, ext 1PPS sync options

  • A10-HPRO
  • LPRO-compatible rubidium oscillator.