Quartzlock Products

The A7-MX is invaluable in the design of low noise oscillators, atomic frequency standards and passive devices where close in phase noise, freedom from spurii, and phase stability are essential design objectives.

The A7-MX is unique in its ability to measure time domain stability at averaging times from 1ms to weeks, and phase noise from mHz to 500Hz. Discrete spurii can be measured close to the carrier at levels down to -120dBc.

The high resolution input operates at 5 or 10MHz. The reference is also at 5 or 10MHz.

A lower resolution input is provided which will measure at frequencies between 50kHz and 65MHz.

The A7-MX is not limited to research and development. The real time digital display of fractional frequency offset combined with the high resolution analogue meter makes the production setting of all types of frequency standard a simple and rapid operation.